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Increase your census to 100% full with waiting list!

You get approached by company’s wanting to sell you marketing services, phone calls and placements.

But most of them don’t have the experience to market a treatment center.

We have experience marketing treatment centers specifically. If you want to increase your admissions, promote your brand and generate visitor traffic to your website then hire us as your marketing consultants. Addiction treatment marketing that gets results.

We stand out from others as we are a One Buy Aggregate media solution. Where other marketing agencies sell you just Seo or PPC or TV or Social or Other Services. We exactly run all media avenues at once to generate leads. One day PPC may outperform TV, another day Seo may generate more leads than PPC. Why lose leads on those days? One Buy Aggregate makes sure you are always generating leads no matter where the patient may be.

Landing Pages that Convert

Landing pages that create an action from potential clients. Gather names, emails and phone numbers. Increase your census by engaging clients not just giving them information.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile is the #1 way people search the internet. Is your website at the top? Pull out your phone and check. Is it? Why not? Is your center on the map? Nope? If you can't see it neither does the client!

Increase Census

Are you at 100% capacity every month? If not then you have opportunity to grow. Your clients are online searching for a center and we help then connect with yorce.

The Magic

It may seem like magic but knowing where the client is online and what time of day is just statistical data. We know how to target potential clients in the decision process.

In Motion

Once you start marketing you will see it's like a train. Everything comes together and clients come in for help. From ad to call to admission, we know the steps.

Retargeting Clients

They visit your website, they leave to visit another center's site. With average bounce rates over 60%, the potential to grow is more than double. Image bringing back 25% of those that left your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a one buy aggregate

When you purchase advertising you are buying a marketing service. The problem, if that marketing doesn't produce then you don't generate leads. With a one buy aggregate, we buy all media outlets at one time so when one doesn't produce you still generate leads. Call us and we can explain in detail the science behind it.

Do you understand Treatment Marketing

It's all we do. We understand the treatment industry and the difficulty and competitiveness involved. We have perfected the keywords that drive traffic and convert to admissions. We only work with a select number of centers in a geographic location due to overlap.

We already do some advertising, can we still work with you?

Absolutely. We will work in conjunction with your current vendor to make sure all branding is benefiting you the most. Think of it as doubling your marketing efforts.

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About Us

Addiction Marketing Division of Restoring Lives is an internet marketing company that has been successful in generating admits for drug treatment centers by advertising them on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Social Media and other areas such as TV & radio. The best part about it – it’s entirely Measurable and Trackable.

Our staff is comprised of people in recovery from substance abuse. At Restoring Lives, we train clients in the program on internet marketing best practices. Not only are you getting a qualified marketing professional, but someone who knows the industry first hand and how to target potential clients.


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